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I am a thirty-year-old American Domina, educated at elite institutions and conversant in five languages.  I am a smiling sadist: watching bodies writhe in (consensual) pain makes me grin.  I am a bondage artist: my rope is an extension of myself, ensnaring and embracing my grateful prey.

I am sophisticated, elegant, and clever. I am precise and exacting. I exercise the privilege to be selective about the people with whom I share my time. I also have a playful and sensual side, and a sense of humor.

I respect all limits and am a safe, sane, consensual player.

Though my many facets, curiosities, and kinks cannot be contained in a single introductory blurb, I’ll give you a brief taste.  To protect my own privacy and yours, I keep a low profile on the web.  If you would like to know more, send an email introducing yourself to me at aisforanya (at) gmail.

I selectively engage in pro sessions, for which My specialties are rope bondage / shibari, spanking, impact, and showers.  A more complete list of my interests can be seen here.

I have honed my sadistic skills through years of experience in my personal life before entering into the professional arena.  I participate in the so-called “lifestyle” bdsm scene.  I am polyamorous and kinky, and a sensuous sadistic top in my dating life and relationships, not just professionally.  My passion and enthusiasm for bdsm and power is apparent in all such interactions.

I love to travel! No place is off limits for me. However, if you are not local I do expect you to cover My travel expenses.  See My Travels page for My upcoming travel plans.

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