On forced consumption

Q:  I’ve read ur blog, and you seem more interested in golden showers than FT due to risks. I take it that forcing slave to consume all is not something you relish. Have I misread your blog?


A: Yes, you have definitely misread My blog.  My point was to outline the risks accurately, as there is a lot of misinformation out there suggesting that scat is more dangerous than the medical evidence indicates.  My goal was to present the information so that toilet slaves can make their own informed decisions, especially regarding whether and how much to consume, as well as proper post-scene clean-up.  I absolutely love giving brown showers (that is, full toilet) and give them on a regular basis.  As for forced consumption, I am happy to “force” someone if we have already discussed and agreed to that in advance–that’s what’s often known as consensual non-consent.  However, if someone says that they do not want to consume, that that’s a hard limit for them, then I completely respect that and will do the full toilet scene without consumption.



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